Dr. Ratna Babu Kollabattula

Consultant Interventional Pulmonologist & Intensivist

Dr. RatnaBabu Kollabattula is a highly skilled Interventional Pulmonologist, He is currently working as a consultant in the Deccan Hospital, Somajiguda. He is a Honorary Consultant in Yashoda Hospital, Secunderabad  and he runs evening clinics in Oxyclinics, Shaikpet. Dr. Ratna Babu Kollabattula is expertised in the Diagnosis  and treatment of all aspects of respiratory disease. He treats patients with the highest quality health care. He is dedicated to the newest advancements and have been up to date with the latest health care technologies ,and he treats his patients as if they were his own family.

Dr. Ratna Babu Kollabattula has completed his Under Graduation from Katuri Medical College and hospital, following which he worked as an intern in the same hospital. Later he completed his Masters in Respiratory and Chest disease from Alluri Sitarama Raju Academy of Medical Sciences. Later on he did his Residency from Kanachur Institute of Medical Sciences from Mangaluru. With a Zeal to excel, Dr. Ratna Babu Kollabattula completed his fellowship in International Pulmonology from Yashoda Hospitals, Secunderabad. And later on he completed his fellowship in Critical Care Medicine. He did his Observation Fellowship in Interventional Pulmonology from Royal Brompton Hospital & Harefield Hospitals, London. With immense knowledge and dedication Dr. Ratna Babu Kollabattula has become one of the youngest Pulmonologist. His patient feedback speaks for themselves about Dr. Ratna Babu Kollabattula eye for perfection and patient centricity.


  • Work in patience
  • Ethics of high standards
  • Deliver accurate diagnosis
  • Transparency and trust
  • Comprehensive care
  • Patient friendly


To bring about world class pulmonary care to the people of the twin cities with state of the art things and patient friendly and reliable tech.


To bring awareness about the various pulmonary diseases and constantly evolving and adapting to modern procedures for treatments.

About Pulmonology

Pulmonology is an area of medication that centers around the strength of the respiratory framework. I treat everything from asthma to tuberculosis. The symptomatology of the patient experiencing a pneumonic issue results from irregularities inside the respiratory framework. Accordingly, the patient presents with certain clinical signs, for example, a steady cough or breathlessness, even without actual tiredness. I have skill in the accompanying sorts of respiratory problems like Infectious, Structural, Inflammatory, Neoplastic which means having to do with a tumor, Autoimmune.

A Pulmonologist can treat numerous sorts of Lung issues. These include
  • Asthma, an illness that excites and limits your aviation routes and makes it difficult to relax.
  • Chronic Obstructive Aspiratory Infection (COPD), a lung illnesses that incorporates emphysema and persistent bronchitis.
  • Cystic fibrosis, an illness brought about by changes in your qualities that makes clingy bodily fluid develop in your lungs.
  • Emphysema, which harms the air sacs in your lungs.
  • Interstitial lung illness, a gathering of conditions that scar and solidify your lungs.
  • Lung malignancy, a kind of disease that begins in the lungs.
  • Obstructive rest apnea, which causes rehashed stops in your breathing while you rest.
  • Pulmonary hypertension, or hypertension in the conduits of your lungs.
  • Tuberculosis , a bacterial disease of the lungs.
  • Bronchiectasis, which harms your aviation routes so they augment and become out of shape or scarred.
  • Bronchitis, is a point at which your aviation routes are kindled, with a hack and additional bodily fluid.
  • Pneumonia, a disease that makes the air sacs (alveoli) in your lungs kindled and loaded up with discharge.
  • COVID-19 pneumonia, which can cause extreme breathing issues and respiratory disappointment.

The underneath indications can be identified with a lung condition and a pneumonic pro might be useful

  • Chest Agony or Snugness.
  • Dizziness, Discombobulation or Blacking out.
  • Difficulty breathing, particularly during exercise.
  • Fatigue
  • Wheezing
  • Recurring or persistent bronchitis or colds that sway your respiratory framework.
  • Asthma that isn't very much controlled, or has unidentified triggers.